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Gizlilik Politikası

The following privacy policy outlines how your data is used on our website.

Basic non-identifiable information about your user on the website is collected; the majority of which is provided during registration, such as email addresses and usernames.
In addition to this, IP addresses for registered users are stored within the system to aid with moderation duties. This includes spam prevention, and detecting alternative accounts.

Accounts can be deleted by a site administrator upon request, which will remove all data relating to your user from our system.

Cookies are used to store small pieces of non-identifiable information with your consent. In order to consent to the use of cookies, you must either close the cookie notice (as explained within the notice) or register on our website.
Data stored by cookies include any recently viewed topic IDs, along with a unique, unidentifiable hash upon logging in and selecting "Remember Me" to automatically log you in next time you visit.


One of the conditions of using zorapvp.xyz services, whether as a member or just a visitor (those who do not sign up but use the limited services of zorapvp.xyz), is that some of your information is collected, processed, and stored by zorapvp.xyz. zorapvp.xyz protects your privacy in accordance with the rules listed below.

Some of the information you provide to zorapvp.xyz, such as email and IP information, is mandatory, while others are optional or given with your consent. zorapvp.xyz can retain this information and any content you provide as long as it wishes, even if you delete the information or content.

zorapvp.xyz uses your email address and other contact information to perform transactions related to your account, to communicate with you when necessary, and to provide information. zorapvp.xyz may use the information you provide, along with any content you provide, for advertising, promotion, announcements, and notifications for itself or others. If you participate in a prize competition or lottery organized by zorapvp.xyz, zorapvp.xyz may share your information with the necessary authorities and use it to announce the results of the competition or lottery. It is also possible for the information to be used or shared with third parties if it is anonymized. Since zorapvp.xyz membership cannot be hidden, the fact that you are a member will be publicly available.

Although zorapvp.xyz takes maximum care in storing your information, zorapvp.xyz is not responsible if unauthorized access is made to the system where your data is stored, or if your information is obtained, modified, or deleted by disrupting the system. When you visit the site, your IP address, operating system, browser type (chrome, explorer, etc.), connection time and duration, and similar information are automatically recorded and can be associated with your personal information or used anonymously by zorapvp.xyz, without the need for your consent. If a proper request is made by official authorities, your information will be shared with the relevant authorities.

During your time on the site, "cookies" or similar tracking data for analyzing site usage, such as javascript codes, may be placed on your computer. Cookies are simple text files that do not contain identity or other private information. Although they do not contain this type of personal information, session information and similar data are stored and can be used to recognize you again.

From time to time, zorapvp.xyz may include information and links to third-party websites or their advertisements. When you click on these links and enter other websites, this privacy policy is not valid for these other sites, as they are not under our control.

This agreement may be updated and revised without any prior notice as new features are added to the site or new suggestions are received from our users.